Festival of Lights 2014 Festival of Lights 2014 Festival of Lights 2014

Festival of Lights 2014

From October 10 to 19, 2014 the 10. Festival of Lights happened in Berlin after its foundation in 2005. This year’s theme was “Colours of Joy”. During those 10 nights many monuments and important places and buildings are turned into artworks by national and international artists.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to visit the illuminated attractions earlier that week, so I only had few hours on Sunday evening. Sadly I didn’t have enough time to all places, but only a few. But the whole event was a blast and the productions really impressive. Too bad I didn’t hear about it before this year.

I took the photos with my Nexus 5, so don’t expect them to be DSLR quality. I additionally played around with some of Google’s graphic effects filters, in particular the black-white filter.

Brandenburg Gate

Potsdam Square

Humboldt University and Hotel de Rome